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Is your marketing getting You The Sales Your Business Needs?

Hello Smart Business Owner! You’re here because you know the power and profit in email marketing. It’s no secret that email is called the most profitable online marketing channel and rightfully so. It’s not only profitable, it’s where prospects and customers invite us into their inbox.

So many businesses focus on expensive ad platforms that love you one day and shut your ad account down the next.. without an apology..  OUCH!

But we know that email is YOUR channel where you own your customer data.

An email program designed to make sales

If you are not emailing your list regularly with juicy offers and objection crushing copy, you are leaving money on the table.

We’re not talking about bombarding your list with spammy sales messages! We’re talking email campaigns and automations designed to grow your bond with your audience while making sales… so you can email more often… without burning out your list.

You bring your good product or service and I can help with the rest. 

Deliverability issues be gone!

You can’t sell to people who don’t see your message. I can also help you “sidestep” Gmail’s promo tab without doing anything non-compliant so you messages have the chance to be seen and you have the chance to makes sales.

If you have low open rates you may be in the dreaded spam folder. I can help get you out of there ASAP too.

If you learn what makes you sales, do more of it!

On top off all this, the results of each email get measured.

This means we can find out what is working so we can do more of it!

My offer to you.

If I don’t see an opportunity to help, I’ll let you know up front. I won’t sell you what you don’t need. 

What I will do is always leave you off better and with more know how before you talked to me.

If it makes sense, I will review your current email program and check your deliverability free of charge.

My goal is to find the potential wins to make you more money.

Am I any good? See comments from my other clients and fellow copywriters below.   

I work to make you win!

Call (619) 627-1386 or email me at

I want to help you turn your email program into the revenue generating machine you’ve been looking for.


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