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Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger has over 1.3 billion users every month.  The number of monthly users for Messenger and other popular messaging apps has surpassed the number of monthly users for the top social media networks. Smart businesses are getting into the conversation.  Using best practices, many businesses have been getting phenomenal results by having one on one conversations with leads and customers on Facebook Messenger.

Email Fatigue

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High Open and Click Through Rates

Open rates in Facebook Messenger are currently far above email. Some users are reporting open rates of 90% and click through rates of 35%.

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Automation for Lead Qualification and Surveys

With chatbots, you can use automated sequences to find out what your customers need and also assess where they are in the buying process. By using Messenger, you are getting lead qualification and survey data in realtime!

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The Future of Customer Service

Save time and money by using automated responses and artificial intelligence to answer Frequently Asked Questions. A live human can jump in when needed.

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